Adhere to the people-oriented concept, to strengthen the quality of talent capacity building as the core, to train and select high-level talent as the focus, to innovate the talent work mechanism as the driving force, to strengthen the talent incentive as a breakthrough, tightly grasp the cultivation, use, retention of talent three links, to create an environment to gather all kinds of talent, for the company's sustainable development to provide a strong guarantee of talent and intellectual support.

Establish a performance assessment system and a perfect competition mechanism. Internal competition for jobs and external open recruitment are implemented, and efforts are made to form a talent evaluation mechanism that prioritizes performance, improve evaluation standards and means, and provide an objective basis for scientific and reasonable use of talents.

Establish a market competitive salary system, adhere to the incentive mechanism combining material and spiritual, explore the distribution mechanism that is conducive to the development of the company, implement the combination of distribution according to labor and distribution according to production factors, improve the annual salary system and post performance salary system, and explore the organic combination of short-term salary distribution and medium- and long-term salary incentive.

Specially created staff hiring criteria

Solid theoretical foundation and knowledge

Adequate enthusiasm and passion, able to focus on work

Possess certain creativity and learning ability, with good teamwork spirit

Serious and responsible work, strong sense of responsibility, good dedication and devotion

Integrity, honesty, hard-working and hard-working, with good professional ethics




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