Company introduction


Henan Techuang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., located in the industrial cluster district of Hebijun County, is near Fanhui expressway in the north and Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway to the west, and enjoys easy access to transportation and favorable location.


“Taking good faith as root, concentration as foremost, and persistence as eternity”. This is my perception on behavior, work and making career in the past, which I will never forget. In the process of making career

To be a total solution provider of problems that customers love and trust in the PVC industry worldwide

Our core values

Customer achievement; integrity-based; responsibility; teamwork; change and innovation; win-win growth.

Forge ahead with special innovation

To create a miracle

Enterprising: constantly improve, different, unique and new.

To achieve dreams, to persevere, to never leave, to create miracles.




Techuang Group (China) Ltd.

Address: Intersection of Industrial Road and Huashan Road, Joon County, Henan
Hotline:+86-400 0392 999

Zip code:456250

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Copyright © Henan Techuang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

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