PVC processing Aid

PVC processing Aid


Product introduction:

PVC processing agent ACR, is a high-molecular polymer that is synthesized through emulsion olymerization process of one or several acrylate monomers. This product shows excellent lasticizing capacity, can accelerate PVC fusion, raise the strength and evenness of fusant, retard usant breakage and increase compatibility. Besides, it shows no remarkable impact on the echanical performance of PVC. Therefore, it has come into wide use in PVC production at home and broad. Using the type and ratio of different acrylate monomers can control the plasticizing speed of RC resin products and the strength of fusant. With the same components, the higher intrinsic iscosity will lead to slower plasticizing and higher fusant strength.

Main purpose:

Mainly applicable to various profiles, profiled bars, tubing, pipe fittings, plates, sheet materials, films, ood plastic composite, etc.

Technical indexes :

Product characteristics:

ACR, as a PVC processing agent can accelerate the plasticizing process of PVC, improve the heological property of thermoplastic fusant, change the fusant’s mechanical property in the state of hermal elasticity, raise the product’s appearance quality and other comprehensive functions. Although small amount of processing agent has been added, it is of great importance to improving the PVC rocessing performance.


The product shall be stored in a dry and ventilated place and shall be away from heat source. esides, it shall not be stored in open air, so as to prevent it from moisture.

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