PVC foaming regulator

PVC foaming regulator


PVC foaming regulator

Product introduction:

PVC foaming regulator is an acrylate processing agent. In addition to having all the characteristics of PVC processing agent, its molecular weight is much higher than that of the general processing agent.Besides, it has higher melt strength and allows products to have more even foam structure and lower density.

Main purpose:

Mainly applicable to PVC foam board, foam pipe, building template, foamed profile, tubing, pipe fitting,sectional material, etc.

Technical indexes :

Product characteristics:

It has high plasticizing capacity and excellent melt fluidity and is highly compatible with PVC products,thus bringing about stabler product dimensions.


The product shall be stored in a dry and ventilated place and shall be away from heat source. Besides, it shall not be stored in open air, so as to prevent it from moisture.

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