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What are the factors affecting the quality of chlorinated polyethylene cpe?


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What are the factors affecting the quality of chlorinated polyethylene cpe?

The main factors affecting the quality of chlorinated polyethylene CPE are the following two. The following is a brief introduction of special chlorinated polyethylene manufacturers of Henan Special Plastics Co., Ltd., hoping to bring more help to the needy parents. 

I. Molecular configuration of HDPE

Due to the different process conditions of PE in the polymerization reaction, the molecular configuration of the polymer HDPE has certain differences, the performance is not the same,  and the properties of the HDPE after the chlorination of the CPE,  the performance is also different. CPE manufacturers must use suitable powdered HDPE resins to produce qualified CPE resins.

Second, chlorination conditions,  namely chlorination process

As a PVC processing modifier, CPE is usually formed by the chlorination reaction of aqueous phase suspension chlorination. The key conditions of this chlorination process are light energy, dose of initiator, reaction pressure, reaction temperature, reaction time. And neutralization reaction conditions. The principle of PE chlorination is relatively simple, but the chlorination mechanism is more complicated.

Due to the small investment in equipment for the production of CPE, many simple small-scale CPE production plants are already dotted in the country. This not only causes pollution of the ecological environment,  but also one of the important causes of the instability of CPE quality.

At present, there have been a large number of poor-quality CPEs on the market. Under normal circumstances, there are two kinds of inferior CPEs. One is because some manufacturers do not have the technical conditions and the chlorination process is backward. Another kind of shoddy, usually the price is much lower than the market price, not only seriously affects the interests of the regular manufacturers, but also harms the customer's product quality, so when buying chlorinated polyethylene, you must Polishing his eyes and choosing partners carefully, Henan Special Plastics is a good choice for everyone. Welcome to consult!